The year 2016 ushered a fleet of noteworthy technology changes that include unbelievable range of connected smart devices, unmanned aircrafts, drone leagues, artificial intelligence and much more. These technology trends have now transitioned into near everyday necessities becoming beneficial only to our lives. In 2017, there comes further technology advancements that spread into industries such as smart home, communication, transportation, IT infrastructure, shopping and automation. So, sit back and read the below breakthrough technologies that will continue to transform value experiences and unlock opportunities to offer more meaningful experiences.

1. AI, Machine Learning And Smart Chatbots

The artificial intelligence revolution is at its cusp of innovation; many acclaimed Silicon Valley giants such as Apple, Google and Amazon are leveraging AI to help mankind more effective and efficient. These companies are striving to raise the bar for usefulness, personalization and user engagement – pointing the way to the future. However, many different aspects of AI such as machine learning, neural networks, smart cars and chatbots are not something new, but this artificial technology is now rapidly accessible for developers, helping them to drive more informed decision-making in multiple industries from drones, industrial robots to personal assistances that can follow you around and make life much easier. The chatbot technology is continuing apace with a rapid adoption by many smart messaging app services and integrated artificial intelligence assistant providers.

2. IoT – Smart Homes & Connected Devices

IoT is growing tremendously and every single week its bringing a new set of connected smart devices onto the market, it’s seen everywhere from smart homes to smart offices – fostering the savvy future. Alexa, Siri, Google Home, etc. – this is just the beginning! There are a plenty of smart home devices that let users to control thermostat, lighting, music, washing machine, or even doors through voice recognition technology. You can send commands to these connected devices and have your entire smart home system does all ranges of work for you.

3. Drone Racing League

There’s so much happening in different parts of the drone ecosystem, with Amazon’s first drone delivery in UK and Walmart expected to deploy one in 2017, we believe the 2017 is going to be a breakout year for commercial drones. On August 29, 2016 FAA paved the way for commercial drone applications by introducing some significant changes to their framework. One of the major changes was discontinuing the need for having a license to fly drones for commercial work. The FAA has predicted this move going to be humongous in the commercial drone’s market disruption, it also estimated with some staggering numbers of 600,000 commercial drone airborne by the year 2017, resulting an economic impact of $82 billion facilitating over 100,000 jobs by 2025.

4. Cheaper IT Infrastructure and Automation

2016 has been a year with some noteworthy disruption in infrastructure technologies. This has ensued to paradigm shifts the way companies perceive data through technologies – DevOps, Automation, VDI, Compute, Storage and Network. 2017 is going to be an exciting year for infrastructure technology. Software-defined networking, software-defined data center and software-defined storage; or in a broader term it is also called as software-defined everything – the hottest buzzword in IT technology. This is going to have a significant impact as the hardware becomes replaceable and inexpensive too orchestrating software to become more efficient and capable in industries, and software being used to bridge the gaps between technological and organizational infrastructure.

5. Virtual & Augmented Reality

In 2017, we expect to see a greater picture of how VR and AR going to drive the fledgling market. Here are a few predictions of VR trends – games will dominate, increase in portable VR devices, mobile VR, VR gloves, etc. It’s not just the home games or home entertainment sector that will evolve by the emerging technology of VR; games, shopping, sports, fun activities, theme parks and much more – you name it, VR is sure to leave its impression on just about everything. The year 2017 is expected to see VR dominance in new sports, like drone racing, ice hockey, basketball and more. Here are a few areas where VR is predicted to go mainstream – Hollywood, Playstation, VR headsets, social activities and so on.

6. Just-Walk-Out Shopping

A beta of Go by Amazon, a cashier-free service and just-walk-out shopping experience redefining the landscape of physical shopping. This type of stores will have no checkouts, where purchases made by users will automatically be billed to customer’s accounts. No lines, no checkout – is a revolutionary move by the giant. Also, this year is going to be all about the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices, stores, fitting rooms, smart collections and much more, giving the ultimate customer experience.

7. On-Demand Apps

The concept of everything on-demand is already at the peak level and this tech trend is expected to develop even further. Thanks to brands like Uber, Just Eat and more that help you get rides, book hotels, and use as personal assistances, for food deliveries, and more with ease. As everything on the web is now coming down to mobile, ultimately giving the full-fledged user’s control, upsurge in innovation has become an essential part of the corporate world. Here are some of the trends, numbers and predictions on the future of on-demand mobile apps – prioritized navigation, integrating big data, connecting multiple devices to mobiles via cloud and much more.

8. Autonomous driving

2017, the year that is going to promise more self-driving cars has already ushered the launch of many fully-automated vehicles. There are several factors that drive into the future of automation such as adoption, usage, crashes, decision-making routines and more. These factors are giving rise to disruptive technology driven trends in this automotive industry; autonomous driving, connectivity, battery systems, advanced combustion modes, diverse mobility, personalized driving system and electrification are a few to name. This trend will significantly diversify and increase the demand toward on-demand mobility and accurate data-driven services.

9. Cyber Security

In 2016 there was a massive data breach called “botnet” Mirai disrupted many major websites across US and Europe. Cybersecurity experts anticipate 2017 will be the year where hackers tend to innovate, and new challenges will emerge. They advise the IoT users to be prepared, stay ahead of cyber security threats. The experts also predicted financial institutions will be a major threat this year and there will be continued rise of ransomware, a malware that has capability to hijack servers, lock sensitive files, attack smartphones to the internet connected devices, or in general anything that’s Internet of Things.

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