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Agile FAQs

The following FAQs on Agile and Scrum are likely to answer many of your questions about the various Agile methodologies, Agile manifesto, Agile certifications and more. Browse through these FAQs to find relevant answers to most commonly heard questions. If you have any further questions, do reach us at: ...
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Transaction Management Fundamentals in Java – Spring & EJ

Transaction Management is one of the fundamental topics of how an application manages data and below is an overview of how transaction management is handled using Java as the programming language. What is transaction management? In simple terms, a transaction is a group of tasks that must be processed together. Transaction is indivisible and must be executed as a whole; otherwise the data integrity is violated. For example, a banking money transfer request involves deducting money from the source account, transfer the money into an interim escrow account, and finally transfer the money to the destination account. And all these ...
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Asp.Net Core 1.0 (formally Asp.Net 5) helps even more on Automated Testing. Developers use xUnit for the testing, which provides an easy way to make testing automatic. To make the automatic testing work, first create a testing project like usual. Then new parameters such as Fact or Theory will help to build the test procedures. Are you interested in keep your skills fresh? Just subscribe to our blog and follow us on and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can always reach us at Contact Us ...
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Javascript Security

Javascript is a cross-platform client side script language. It is widely used and convenient to be added for any client side tasks. However, a Javascript code without careful inspection could lead to serious security issues.Hackers are looking for two types of Javascript security vulnerabilities on your website. One is that if they can force your code throw an uncaught Javascript exception and thus stop the who page’s running; the other one is that if they can inject an external Javascript script file to your page and call your methods from their page. For anyone who have experience debugging Javascript, they ...
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