Why Employee Engagement Is Important In Modern Work Space?

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employee-engagement-imageThis is a post contributed by one of our new employees.

Empowered employees produce more and create a positive environment in the company! I wonder how many companies consider and execute employee engagement as a strategic activity.

I have been working in the IT industry for over 4 years and was looking for new opportunities recently. I was fortunate to get some good offers. In all honesty, money wasn’t always the priority or the concern of moving on to next job chapter. However, I was rather looking to join a company where I could enjoy my work with utmost comfort and freedom. Right now, the new work space seems peaceful and “work-worthy”. But what made the difference? Is it the company or just me? And this is when I approached a friend who works in HR. Our coffee chat turned to be very informational with discussion around Employee Engagement Strategy and here are some key points that I wanted to share.

AthenaWhy Employee Engagement Is Important In Modern Work Space?
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Does Job Boards Approach Really Work for Immediate Hiring Needs?

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“Thanks to Antra’s Marketing Team to have my thoughts published on Antra’s website “- Jagjeet Kaur (Technical Recruiter Antra, Inc.)

I (Jagjeet Kaur) work as an IT recruiter to find talent for Antra’s clients and I wanted to share my experiences on why counting on job boards is like buying a lottery. May be it is not if you compare the exact odds but that’s how I feel when I think about this topic!

It’s been over a year that I have been working at Antra and my luck in finding relevant candidates on job portals has been very minimal. And I almost never find the right applicants for any immediate openings (good applicants needed in less than 24 to 48 hours). These job boards are necessary for any recruiter. I will share with later in this post on how to leverage job boards to your advantage for hiring. But for now, they would not help (they did not help me) for any positions that needed to be filled immediately.

AthenaDoes Job Boards Approach Really Work for Immediate Hiring Needs?
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Smart Recruiting with Big Data

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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs

Employers have evolved over a period of time, from recruiting employees purely based on hard skill sets to recruiting with understanding whether a candidate would fit into the very fabric of the company. Human resource specialists have employed many strategies such as having strategic gatekeepers and focusing on behavioral aspects of the candidate. The most popular example being the Southwest Airlines asking their own employees to be gatekeepers and giving them autonomy to choose their future co-workers. This ensures Southwest to employ like-minded dynamic individuals with a great sense of humor which is the very fundamental culture of the company.

AthenaSmart Recruiting with Big Data
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