About Us

We constantly challenge ourselves to bring new ideas and solutions to help IT companies succeed in a changing business environment.

Our Story

Since 2008, Antra has been a leading Information Technology services provider and has been working diligently to serve customer needs for software solutions and services. Each year we work hard to improve our knowledge, performance and customer service. Antra is committed to deliver business values, quality service and excellent consultation with our core values:

  • Customer Value Creation
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Professionalism

What we do

Businesses have significant gap between modern technology adaptation and business enablement to support growth. At Antra, we provide solutions with all the strategic elements to bridge this gap.

Antra brings businesses industry-specific technological expertise in a full range of IT services by combining technical knowledge and business savviness in a cost effective manner

Why Us?

Our customer-centric model and gratitude is what makes our company grow. As the technology is evolving and the business world is changing, Antra quickly adapt ourselves by broadening our technology base, introducing new and improved processes and keep up with the competition.

We are committed to deliver business value, quality service and excellent consultation. Antra consistently maintain high standards for service and talent so that we can always bring the best team of minds with the broadest range of industry and functional experience together.

  • Antra, Inc. is the first company that I have worked for that actually follows their stated values. The way I have been treated shows that Antra, Inc. believes that "Employees Are Our Greatest Strength." It has been great working on a team with people from different cultures and different generations because I learn a lot from my co-workers. Antra, Inc. has been very supportive of my career growth and allows me to continuously develop in my position as a Project Team Leader. I believe that Antra, Inc. is a rock solid company that has a very bright future and I am excited to be a part of it.

    Abhilash Reddy, Project Team Leader at Antra, Inc. since 2008
  • I love working for Antra, Inc.. The best part about working for Antra, Inc. is its people and the values-based culture. The company's guiding values always ensures individuals' career growth while growing as a company.

    David Zhuang, Project Team Leader at Antra, Inc. since 2011
  • My favorite things about Antra,Inc. are our leadership, our culture and our leadership’s commitment to our culture. I love the fact that employees hold our top management in very high regard; this has not been true at other companies for whom I have worked. Due to our culture and guiding values, we all work together towards known, measurable and common goals. We work hard, and we all get to share in the successes and rewards.

    Logan Wang, Technical Associate at Antra, Inc. since 2013
  • Antra, Inc. recognizes the importance of understanding, working with new technologies and believes in the ingenuity of its employees. Here, I am afforded a creative and diverse environment to work closely with the talented specialists in different technologies. Antra, Inc. truly fosters career growth through enhancing knowledge.

    Jennifer Zhao, Technology Specialist, at Antra, Inc. since 2013
  • Antra, Inc. is has a defined culture based on values that are actually practiced. This goes all the way up to the CEO. At Antra, Inc., the top management team is refreshingly down to earth, approachable, and they care about the employees, and it shows. I really appreciate the quick turnarounds I have experienced while dealing with Antra. It is amazing to be able to work for, and be part of the team here at Antra, Inc. I feel fortunate to be a part of such a great company.

    Ashutosh Mestry, Architect at Antra, Inc. since 2008
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